Finishing services, including framing, add value and generate vital income.  A percentage of your existing customers, when offered a totally finished “ready to hang on the wall” mounted print, will not hesitate to order.  The ProEdge Framing system will empower you to quickly, easily, and economically provide durable and decorative frames to your customers.

Perfect for mounted point of purchase displays, trade show displays, sports and commercial photographs, and signs of all types and sizes!  ProEdge Framing is the final step in the finishing process!

• Covers unfinished edges of substrates sizes 1/8" thick to 1/2" thick
• Protects any size up to 8’x8’
• Indoor/outdoor durable
• Reversible “J” Channel
• No fading/warping
• Quick, easy, affordable
• Many colors & sizes
• Fast return on investment
• Creates new revenue opportunities

Gain a strategic advantage over your competition by becoming a total finishing solutions provider!  The ProEdge mitering tool, combined with our special edging will bring your finishing department to an entirely new level of professional quality.  Go from an unfinished edge, to a finished, professional ProEdge, in just a few minutes!

Why ProEDGE Framing?  Consistency, ease of use, and labor savings in the fabrication process, are essential ingredients for success.  Severe deadlines require efficient production and precise mitering.  Frame #1 needs to be identical to the last frame in your production run.  The ProEdge mitering tool was designed and engineered with this in mind. ProEdge produces precise miters quickly, easily, and consistently!

Our edging is manufactured using a special process which applies a metalized film to an ABS plastic base.  The result is a “metal look-a-like” frame, which is highly decorative, and is both indoor and outdoor durable.

What industries use the ProEdge mitering tool?  Wide format digital printers, photographers, photofinishers, sign shops, reprographic shops, in-plants, and conventional frame shops rely on ProEdge Framing to finish raw edges.

ProEDGE Framing has everything you need to get started!  Both models (desktop & stand) include starter kit supplies:  Glue applicator, metal wall hanging brackets, anvil base cutter, shim strip, and instruction manual.  Glue and hi-tech edging are ordered separately.

Return on Investment. Most of our customers pay for their machine very quickly, on or about the 98th framed image (based on 24” x 36” frame).

When you invest in our patented system, we will strive to exceed your expectations.  We do this by paying attention to every detail, including model selection, implementation, and assistance in marketing ProEdge to your customers.  We feel this level of service, both before and after the sale, will ensure your success with ProEdge.

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