Pre-Purchase Questions

Do I really need one of your machines to make these frames?

The short answer is “Yes”.  Because our hi-tech edging is manufactured with a “soft” plastic (ABS), and not a rigid, brittle plastic like PVC, it can be mitered with anything that has a sharp blade.  The goal, however, is to produce a consistently perfect “notch” without completely cutting through the hi-tech edging.  Notching the edging with fastframer® in this fashion allows for quick, easy and consistent fabrication of the mitered corners.  Wrapping the edging around the corners in a continuous piece is extremely fast, usually less than two minutes production time. When producing a project for 20 frames for instance, it is essential that frame #1 look IDENTICAL to frame #20, and all frames in between.  By utilizing fastframer®, you will achieve that level of perfection, and at the same time impress your customers, who will come back with future projects to be framed.

How quickly can I expect a return on my investment?

Fastframer® is by far the leading profit center in any finishing department. Your investment in fastframer® will be one of the most rewarding investments that you will ever make! Let's do the math . . . the average retail price to your customer is $2.50 per linear foot. In other words, edging a 24" x 36" image you will charge your customer $25.00 (for 10 linear feet). Your cost is $ .44 per foot, or $4.40 for a 24" x 36" x 3/16”. When you multiply the 490 linear feet of plastic (that you receive when ordering a "full tube" of 3/16" plastic edging) times $2.50 per linear foot, the result is a whopping $1225.00 in revenue. With your material and labor cost at about $225, you will net nearly $1,000 profit per tube. As you can see, your initial investment is almost entirely recouped before you call us for your second reorder of hi-tech edging.

Why does ProEDGE hi-tech edging come in 98” lengths?  Are custom lengths available?

ProEDGE® manufactures our special hi-tech edging in 98” (8’2”) lengths.  98” is the maximum length that we can ship to you via UPS or FedEx, and it enables you to frame a maximum image size of 8’x8’ or smaller.  ProEDGE can be custom manufactured to any desired length with a minimum 15,000 foot custom length order.

How many colors and sizes of your hi-tech edging do you inventory?  Are custom colors available?

Currently, in our 3/16” size, we inventory 13 colors.  In 1/2” and 13/16” we inventory 8 colors.  In our “optional sizes” 1/8”, 1/4”, and 3/8” we inventory 5 color choices (see price list for specific color choices).  If your customer has a special color requirement, you may spray paint our hi-tech edging that specific color, or order a custom color.  Our minimum custom color order is 15,000 linear feet.

Why will I like my ProEDGE® cutting tool?

Like many tools that you use everyday in your finishing department, you will soon wonder how you ever got along without fastframer®!

First and foremost, it allows you to make your customers happy and generates additional revenue with a very small investment. Your finishing department will be empowered to quickly install a professional hi-tech edge on virtually any substrate, generating a whopping 774% margin!

Additionally, by covering the raw edge of your mounted print or sign, you will "hide" many dents, dings, or issues/flaws that routinely occur in your finishing department:

            • unsightly raw, jagged edge (dull knife)
            • nicked or dented corners
            • out of square cuts         
            • laminate lift (delamination)
            • insecure hanging brackets
            • Ineffective sealing/painting/taping the edge
If you have every had one or more of these unfortunate circumstances occur, you will like fastframer®!

How do I get started with fastframer®?

Call ProEDGE® toll-free (USA/Canada) at 800.346.1111, or international 573.317.1111.  We will help you select the correct model and hi-tech edging to fit your specific needs.