Fastframer® Mitering Tool Selection (click here)

            • 2 models to fit available workspace in production area
            • Detachable “V” measuring bar with quick release pin for safety and convenience
            • “V” shaped measuring bar to cradle and guide notched hi-tech edging, preventing “jack-                      
               knifing” and breaking joints
            • “V” measuring bar available in 4 different sizes: 2’, 4’, 6’ and 8’ for better fit
            • Vertical workflow ejects waste with gravity to avoid jamming
            • Waste container to catch and store triangular “notched” plastic waste
            • All steel frame, dies and blade housing to avoid wear and premature part failure
            • Ergonomic handle, easy pull for reduced operator fatigue on larger jobs
            • Powder coated to prevent rust and to keep equipment looking new
            • Stable one hand operation, no unwanted spinning or rotating
            • After every cut, equipment retracts to starting position avoiding scratches
            • No electricity needed, no intricate moving parts, industrial strength components
            • Includes many start up kit supplies: hanger brackets, anvil base cutter, glue            
               applicator syringe, etc.


Hi-Tech Edging Selection (click here)

            • Up to 13 color choices
            • Fits virtually any substrate
            • Indoor/outdoor durable 
            • Elegant metal look-a-like colors
            • Reversible option for wide or narrow reveal
            • Sharp, square corners for best possible joint
            • Recycled/reprocessed ABS resin
            • Convenient 98” length
            • Worldwide UPS/Fed Ex shipping available
            • Mix & match hi-tech edging sizes/colors in same shipping tube


Accessories (click here)

            • Replacement supplies, glue, brackets, shims, etc., used with fastframer®